Alright, this will be a quick blog since my paper isn’t going to write itself!

I went to goodwill twice last month and here are the things I copped out, with the help of my lovely friend! Give credit where credit is due!

HAUL #1: spring ready!
• mesh turtleneck tee - I cropped it myself : 1.00
• mixed wool skirt : 1.00
• forever 21 teal knitted sweater with 3/4 sleeves : 1.00
• lined combat boots - size 8 (looks totally brand new! It was clean too!) : 1.00
• triangular gray ash tray : 0.75 
• authentic copper bangles : 2.50 & 1.50 
TOTAL: 8.75 

HAUL # 2: coat that shit! One can never have too many coats!
• gray coat : 10.00 (I wish it was cheaper though)
• blue army jacket : 1.00 
• plaid wool coat : 1.00 
TOTAL: 12.00 

Overall purchase: $20.75 CAD

For those who are afraid to thrift, had a bad experience thrifting, want to attempt but don’t know how, all your really need is a friend who can guide you through the basics. Make sure you wear comfortable clothes and the ones you can easily slip in and out of in case you want to try things on. Your creativity will really be pushed! It’s a tedious hobby but can be a fun experience!

Have a happy Sunday lovelies! Take care!


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